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Energy-saving model aircrew of fountainhead hot pump and its application
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Energy-saving model summary of the common sense inside aircrew of fountainhead hot pump and its application course of study: The article summarized fountainhead to heat up the development of pump and current situation, undertook an analysis to the problem that at present fountainhead heats up pump aircrew to use a presence, put forward a kind energy-saving model structure of unit of fountainhead hot pump, the application that is in our country to fountainhead hot pump and development are had urge action.
Keyword: Fountainhead hot pump is energy-saving double evaporator series-parallel connection

One, overview:

The sources of energy that grows increasingly is used up and environmental pollution is the two catastrophe problem that puzzles human society, the height that caused world each country takes seriously. According to international the sources of energy hot pump is organized (IEA Heat Pump Centre) heat up pump association with Europe (EHPA) statistical data makes clear, at present Europe has 4.5 million hot pump to be used at the residence, 1.5 million hot pump are used at tertiary industy, 10 thousand hot pump use 2.5~3 at industry. The target of EHPA is to arrive to there was 15 million hot pump to be used at the residence at least in Europe 2010, this is equivalent to what save the sources of energy of 100TWh and the CO2 that reduce 40 million tons every year discharging. To Swiss hot pump was in 2002 of new house have rate exceed 1/3, the hot pump of Japanese building is had rate achieve 20% , and the application of our country hot pump just got developing quickly after 1990, come to already installed 11.4 million 1997, and the tendency that shows rapid progress.

Join as our country WTO and the success of the Olympic Games was applied 2008, the urban center area of our country is in boiler of progressively taboo coal fired, meanwhile, the use of oil fired boiler also is getting the limitation of certain level, the application that gives hot pump unit so provided vast development space. Hot pump aircrew basically is divided heat up pump and fountainhead for air source (land source) hot pump, because air source is hot the effect that pump suffers environment, climate is bigger, its application got very old rate is restricted, and change of summer of groundwater temperature winter is not big, because this does the source of water of cold heat source with groundwater,hot pump system makes this one problem got be settlemented effectively. It with bad news can little, use but second birth the sources of energy, do not use up water natural resources, do not pollute an environment, accord with a lot of advantage such as the requirement that can change development continuously to get the extensive welcome of social all circles.
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