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Chinese pump line of business sweeps across the whole world to innovate still is
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Chinese pump line of business sweeps across the whole world to innovate still is China of “ of information of trade of urgent affairs production ” sweeps across the whole world, pump industry is not exceptional also. The pump that China makes has the competitive advantage of low cost, form formidable challenge to the west, but how to maintain persistent competitive advantage to already became urgent matter.
Compare with posture of western pump line of business, the advantage that Chinese pump line of business has is not much. Above all, low cost is the competitive advantage of Chinese pump line of business. The wage level of Chinese labour force is more average than the west everyday little 3 dollars, the enterprise leases factory building or the charge of construction workshop also is compared the plant is built in western country low; Have again, the important pillar that project of growth of high speed of market of Chinese building, oil, petrifaction, environmental protection and major shift water becomes Chinese pump line of business to develop, can say, the market space that China increases continuously is the precondition that Chinese pump line of business holds a dominant position. But, the external environment of the enterprise creates these dominant positions, core competition ability does not create the company, if the environment is changed, chinese pump line of business will participate in international competition very hard. Compare with posture of western pump line of business, the design ability of Chinese pump line of business, technical innovation ability still is put in very big difference. At present the design ability of business of most China pump can satisfy home market only, introduced advanced technique is very few redo innovates. When abroad client sees project of Chinese heavy industry, for instance papermaking, petrifaction, the pump product that discovers a lot of projects just is on prototype foundation of the west be made by nominal and DIN standard made a change, bring about company of Chinese pump estate to export the product very hard to western market. A few state-owned and large companies of Chinese can feel abroad pump estate company produces component at present, these enterprises have advanced CNC machining center and machine tool of CNC numerical control, the equipment such as AutoCad, CMM, but the treatment that these equipment use at domestic product rarely, this also hampered Chinese pump line of business designs ability rise. Line of business of Chinese some pump makes an enterprise own modern facility, can implement automation, working environment is administered first-rately, of your west cast an industry inferior by comparison. But most enterprise environment of equipment stale, work is harsh. Current, company of Chinese pump estate can cast the aluminous, copper, cast steel, cast-iron, 304 pump products with 316 stainless steel, composite material, but lag behind as a result of foundry technology method, cast steel, cast-iron material is saved to come down rarely in producing a course. Design ability does not follow to go up, treatment craft is backward, became the chains of line of business of pump of China of fetters and handcuffs. The mainland of enterprise of together with foreign capital is changed, chinese pump line of business the development henceforth nots allow hopeful. As a result of home large quantities of the product that production enterprise of bearing, weather strip produces has price advantage likewise, so, company of estate of a few pump builds a plant to China in succession. On one hand, enhance the development strength of Chinese market; On the other hand, in China treatment component assembles a factory to assemble to homeland, can save many cost. To solve the problem that at present Chinese pump line of business exists, the country also made a few policy. Connect in no less than assist pump assist branch always is versed in Wang Ansheng points out in the article: The country put forward to change technical policy with the market, make over design of technology, combination, collaboration to make the means such as ” be the same as with “ foreign collaboration, ensure domestic company has the sufficient scale that distribute a packet at the same time, stimulative home company masters complete research and development and production technology. because such, the foreign capital company that develops Chinese market success is the company that establishs joint-stock company with Chinese home company mostly, for instance KSB, ITT flies force. Foreign capital is encouraged to enter China in the country, while with China the company cooperates, chinese pump line of business should seize opportunity, try hard to catch up. Information source:
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