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Development of mill of pump of division the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty go
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Development of mill of pump of division the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty gives irrigation works of a variety of China of forward position of science and technology of specific speed axial-flow pump development of mill of pump of academy division the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty goes science of water and electricity a variety of specific speed axial-flow pump and axial-flow pump unit are hydraulic model, produce a series efficient and energy-saving model axial-flow pump product. Classics appraisal, this technology reachs home banner, international is advanced level, win award of progress of national science and technology early or late two, award of progress of irrigation works science and technology 3, give be linked together of new-style and two-way dive to shed pump unit in the development on this foundation. Use positive and negative of pumping station requirement in the light of prevent or control flood of a few cities the effective demand of two-way pump water, be united in wedlock before the development experience of two-way axial-flow pump, this factory develops two-way dive be linked together successfully to shed pump unit. The 450SHGB of tender Jiang He that this factory is developed for limited company of engineering of Shanghai Shen Pu foundation and produces tie of station giving dam up water two-way be linked together sheds pump unit, passed the archetypal water pump that develops the unit syndicate such as the center by Chinese fill platoon experiment of device of complete flow path is checked and accept. Developed be linked together of two-way dive of —— of pumping station of harbor of Shanghai poplar riverside to shed pump set technology, this pumping station is a major project that wadi of area of Shanghai Yang Pu administers, assuming the drain flooded fields of water system of poplar riverside harbor, reach from yellow Pu Jiang pilot a ship into a harbour undertakes rushing to whole water system corrupt the task. Two-way be linked together sheds little data pump aircrew is a kind of new-style and practical pump model, have be linked together to shed structure of smooth-going of pump flow path, water pump to wait for a characteristic simply. When the be linked together of “S” form lamina sheds pump to running reversely in electric machinery, can realize two-way pump water, efficiency is taller, adjacent and one-way the pumping station efficiency that move, moving management is convenient. Two-way be linked together sheds pumping station setting to be in half underground, can satisfy urban landscape to plan to ask, economic ground is built reach pumping station construction to invest 30 % ~ 40 % , economic cover an area of a face to accumulate 30 % ~ 40 % , what can maintain whole water system is agelong with water, undertake uninterruptedly rushing to whole water system corrupt, economy and social benefit are distinct. Two-way dive be linked together sheds pump aircrew to be able to apply extensively at edge river, coastal low lift two-way source of the information on the pumping station that run: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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