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Petrifaction pump: Contented petrifaction produces special need
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Petrifaction pump: Contented petrifaction produces special need In petro-chemical production facilities, pump is the rotational equipment with most dosage, the medium that petrifaction pump carries has crude oil and finished product oil, industrial chemicals and chemical product, clear water and sewage to wait. According to statistic, a large refinery needs all sorts of petrifaction pump to amount to many 1000, among them centrifugal pump is occupied 83% , reciprocating pump is occupied 6% , the others is gear pump, screw pump and vavuum pump to wait. Plant of a large ethylene needs all sorts of petrifaction pump to amount to many 2000, among them centrifugal pump is occupied 45% , gear pump is occupied 23% , the others is pump of reciprocating pump, screw and screen pump. Petrifaction pump is the equipment with petrifaction company can maximum cost, 50% what pump occupies an enterprise to use n about with n.

Petrifaction of petrifaction pump characteristic uses pump, outside dividing the common property that has pump, the characteristic that carries medium raised slashing requirement to its. If carry medium a lot of explode combustibly, easily and poisonous, because this requirement pump has good explosion proof sex and sealing. Carry medium to be had mostly at the same time caustic, requirement petrifaction pump has good corrosion resistance on select material can. Certain medium stickiness is big, cause easily sometimes jam, because this wants consideration stickiness,affect to the function of pump. Mix in certain liquid medium have solid grain, cause easily to flow path erode and wear away, the structure that should consider pump and material are qualitative, in order to reduce tatty rate. Carry medium temperature limits often difference is very big, use temperature arrives by 0 190 Celsius 500 Celsius, want to consider temperature to be affected to the function of pump. Because petrifaction trade demand is long cycle, successive turn production, general requirement 2 ~ 3 years of overhaul, because this returns requirement petrifaction pump to run,reliable, life grows, tectonic respect structure is simple, maintenance is convenient, efficiency is tall, have better economic integration beneficial result.
The international market develops the manufacturing technology of pump of the petrifaction on trend international to compare maturity, norms breed is much, standardization rate is high. Developing way basically is large change, high speed is changed, electromechanical unifinication and pump product whole set are changed, standardization, seriation and generalization, wide, life grows much breed, performance reach high reliability, efficient, miniaturization, pump is produced with sealed, bearing large change and specialization.
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