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Shanghai too project of riverside river pumping station is obtained " Zhan Tiany
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Shanghai too project of riverside river pumping station wins award of bless of “ Zhan day”Trade information a few days ago, the reporter learns from 11 projects bureau, course construction department is public after showing, by this bureau bear the Shanghai that build too project of Pu He pumping station has the honor to win Zhan Tianyou of the 6th civil engineering of Chinese formally large award. This is this project afterwards 2006 year have the honor to win a country after award of high grade project, win national level large award again.
The large award of Tianyou of Zhan of Chinese civil engineering that established 1999, it is the largest award that Chinese civil engineering establishs. This award is learned by Chinese civil engineering and foundation of development of science and technology of building of Zhan day bless is established jointly, choose every year, the progress of science and technology that aims to drive civil engineering to construct a field and innovation, accordingly, this award the ” of award of project of innovation of “ science and technology of the bldg. that be called.
Too total investment of project of riverside river pumping station amounts to 280 million yuan, be too the backbone project that lake catchment administers integratedly. This project from December 2000 since start working, the 11 projects bureau that assumes construction job captured in project large soft earth is deep base tunnel construction, soft base ferroconcrete of fundamental processing, cardinal principle accumulating is irrigated build, the technical difficult problem such as installation of pump of construction of concrete of construction of road of complex technological process, large inclined shaft, at successful in November 2003 complete. The construction of this project improved advanced position of river of Shanghai yellow riverside effectively not only 2 period water quality of diversion works water intake, raised population of above of Shanghai half the number to reach enterprise or business water quality of unit water supply and water supply fraction, have air water, prevent or control flood, drain flooded fields and improvement at the same time the social benefit such as the environment. It is reported, have the honor to win large award of civil engineering of the 6th Zhan Tianyou this have capital museum 27 projects such as new house. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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