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Medium application is produced in chemical industry without leak pump technology
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The applied trade information in having leak pump technology to be produced in chemical industry 1. Without the main type of leak pump and structure
Include pump of membrane pump of type of screen pump, magnetic force pump, cubage, electromagnetism to wait without leak pump. According to project habit, article place is narrated without leak pump the department points to screen pump and magnetic force pump, foreign document often says seal pump to do not have an axis.
1.1 screen pump
In having leak pump, screen pump is used wider. Screen pump basically has bearing of pump housing, impeller, stator, rotor, around and thrust dish wait for composition, electric machinery and pump close for an organic whole, calm, use between rotor non-magnetic Baobi material makes screen cover separate, rotor is in by dip of around bearing bearing in carrying medium. After stator winding electrify, electromagnetism can be covered through screen pass into drive rotor roll, drive impeller to carry medium then.
Pump of 1.2 magnetic force
Magnetic force pump is go up in crankshaft of pump shaft and report through be being installed respectively inside, outside the magnetic force that magnetism rotor place produces, deliver electric machinery torsion pump shaft, drive impeller to carry medium then. When electric machinery rotates, magnetism rotor is covered through segregation outside with inside magnetism rotor is attracted each other, drive pump shaft and impeller roll. Amount of bloom of magnetism of rotor of magnetism of inside and outside is same, form one to one correspondence magnetic pole concern, both synchronism is rotational. Because segregation is covered,close pump shaft completely, achieve thereby seal without the axis, without leak.
2.The application of leak pump is not had in ABS device
ABS colophony is styrene of — of butadiene of propylene nitrile — 3 yuan of copolymer, main producer goods, auxiliary is explode poisonously, combustibly, easily stock. If use process pump of common chemical industry to carry these medium, bring a lot of issues the leak because of different level. From 1993 up to now, ABS device the Communist Party of China installs those who used 24 different specifications, model not to have leak pump. Operational cycle grows these pump, safeguard as low as operation expenses, assured effectively to carry the 0 leak of medium, it is the process pump in chemical production the typical example of optimal choice.
3.Without leak pump main technique and the problem that the attention answers in using
3.1 without leak pump main technique
The adjustment of force of 3.1.1 rotor axial and balance
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