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The countryside of water pump is famous look forward to
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New Territories of Zhejiang of famous look forward to hits the rural area of water pump pinchbeck behavior
Year old at the beginning of last years of a dynasty or reign, limited company makes the trade of pump of Zhejiang new Territories that is located in town of big brook of city of Zhejiang lukewarm mountain won lawsuit of tort of a brand, this causes not minor sensation in industry of pump of small-sized dive report. Why can a small brand tort table cause such echo in industry? Taking doubt reporter to covered field of Xu Min of this company general manager on a special trip recently.

Tort incident happens again and again

From stage of another name for Ningbo exit of big brook of lukewarm high speed comes down, in the highway both sides that leads to lukewarm mountain urban district, those who see is the water pump enterprise of all of one suit almost, water pump advertisement cans be found everywhere, this gives a reporter the first impression that leave with respect to the countryside ” that is “ China water pump.

When be being interviewed to new Territories, catching up with Xu Min cropland to attend a meeting a person acting in stage city. Him ghost is hasty, see the reporter spoke of the reason of tort incident.

At the beginning of 2006, this company discovers the Zhang Mou of county of river of cottage of the Anhui province uses “ww on Internet. . The domain name of” undertakes new Territories fastener the network trades, the chief of the brand Chinese name that its and line of business of new Territories pump use is same, make pair of this brand use encroach, then line of business of new Territories pump one paper indictment tells the Zhang Mou of county of river of cottage of the Anhui province the court.

On November 29, 2006, via the court cognizance thinks, line of business of pump of Zhejiang new Territories the label of ” of “ new Territories that limited company uses on its product already lasted 17 years. According to branch of machinery of irrigation and drainage of association of industry of Chinese agriculture machinery the statistic 2006, new Territories water pump achieves sales revenue 300 million yuan, 8% what occupy countrywide water pump to produce gross, agricultural pump occupies first place of course of study of person of the same trade in domestic sale, productivity and product rank front row in countrywide congener product. Company sale network pervades the whole world, the product sells as far as to 32 countries such as hamster, Western Europe, middle east, southeast Asia, America, Africa, one level sale manages home 300 many, 2 class distributors many 2500. The pump of report of small-sized dive of card of ” of “ new Territories that this company production gives is famous on home market degree taller. Zhang Mou without line of business of pump of Zhejiang new Territories limited company agrees, do sth without authorization uses as same as the Chinese name of body of this company registered trade mark written language to regard a network as the behavior of the domain name, encroached line of business of pump of Zhejiang new Territories limited company in fact the special right of well-known logo.
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