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The choice of water pump of air conditioning loop
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The option that optimal job chooses number of the chooses water pump of air conditioning loop capacity of water pump of air conditioning loop, stage, water pump and technical economy analysis spread out discuss, elaborate how should choose water pump, move in order to assure air conditioning system good, reduce electric power to use up.

Keyword: Electric power of circular water pump uses up value engineering of equilibrium of circular obstruction water

Capacity of 1 loop water pump passes big question

Capacity of circular water pump is in our country greatly too is the problem that exists generally, the 2-4 that its capacity often obtains real need times, create project investment and the serious waste of moving charge. Its are main the reason is as follows:

Curve one

1.1 designs cold bear slants big

Designing cold bear is the main basis of choice device, it is very important to the design of system of whole air conditioning that so correctly computation builds cold bear. Current, the means of computation of air conditioning bear that provides in schoolbook and design manual is the wall bear of computational palisade structure no matter, still be door window bear, its are calculated is to be aimed at some as a result specific room. However, capacity of equipment of air conditioning system is according to whole architectural cold bear decides. What wait for an element as a result of the front of each room inside the building, position, use function and its pyrotoxin is different, often create each room the time that the biggest cold negative charge appears is not same. Accordingly, the maximum that builds cold bear should be the maximum of overlay of the bear when every room is chased. In me according to investigation state-owned part designs personnel to be built in computation is simple only when cold bear have the biggest cold negative charge of every room overlay, bring about computation the result is ambitious at effective demand bear. So we must give enough attention to this, those who make design bear is affirmatory more reasonable and correct.

Obstruction of 1.2 systems loop slants big

When obstruction of computational system loop, because design staff experience inadequacy, make parameter of a few computation takes a cost too conservative, cause value of circular obstruction computation to slant big, have more very person, in construction graph design phase uses estimation method to decide circular obstruction, cause computation circular resistance is one times greater than real value above.
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