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PLC transforms pump of full trailer of concrete of Shenyang red elephant to cont
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PLC transforms pump of full trailer of concrete of Shenyang red elephant to control systematic market trends the concrete pump of red elephant HBT50 that Shenyang fills harbor project machinery plant to produce, it is 90 time initial stage introduces Germany Pucimaisite (the product that the technology of Putzmeiter) company produces. This product is vintage the relay that fall into disuse system, had worked more than 10 years, add maintain not good at, system of whole Electromechanical air is most already very poor, need to heavy repair and be transformed. Circuitry of primary electrical system of this kinds of model is complex, trouble is more, trouble removal is more difficult, undertake circuit design is very necessary afresh so, convert the PLC with control domain at present more general application (but program controller) control is very feasible. In system of control of pump of contemporary full trailer, PLC controlled means to had replaced traditional relay to control fashion. Use PLC to control the fault rate that lowered a system, decreased to maintain a volume, and raised dependability. 1 primary electrical system puts the issue that be in Three-phase asynchronous electromotor, start the transistor time relay that introduced a model the Y-Δ of delay time starts way, fault rate is higher. Electromotor of 380VAC of Leng Qufeng machine, 550W, direct air breaker is started. What direct current source uses is transformer adds circuitry of rectification filter wave, fault rate is very high also. Use relay to control the inverting fashion of electromagnetism a powerful person, dependability is low. Introduce detecting element of journey switch inverting, fault rate is very high, often affect concrete pump to work normally. Control circuit uses the logistic circuit that is core into relay with the pace, spain and chest tooth force produce the pace enters relay, spare parts searchs hard and very costly (the price amounts to relay of a K1 1500 yuan, the price amounts to relay of a K2 700 yuan) , and among them K2 relay damages extremely easily. Accordingly, transform the relay with this old pump the system is very necessary. 2 transform design program The situation of core control unit that primary system place uses is Spain and chest tooth force to produce into relay, domestic application is less, on market buy very hard get, and control line grade is mixed, maintenance is no-go. Transform this use SIEMENS (Xi Menzi company) S7-200 series but program controller regards control as core component. Technology of S7-200 series product is mature, apply in home very general, a lot of agents are available, purchase convenient. Electric wiring is understood simply, to program is debugged very convenient also, after software has debugged to program, the Step7-Micro/Win32 process designing that uses Xi Menzi firm on the computer downloads PLC, outfit machine is debugged can. Advocate electromotor is started still use Y-Δ to start, cancel the transistor time relay with higher fault rate, start by PLC control directly, Y-Δ is changed and stop. Motive of Leng Qufeng Electromechanical also is started by PLC control, stop. The operating mode when working as a result of concrete pump is very abominable, the concrete in construction is carried cannot interrupt, systematic reliability is very so fundamental. To raise the dependability of electrical system, direct current source must reliable, reason increases former transformer the regulated power supply of switch of 24VDC of power source instead of circuit of rectification filter wave, in order to raise the dependability that part of whole dc circuit works. Former journey switch is common contact type, dependability extreme difference, life is brief, be close to switch actingly with inductive type. The working temperature range that approachs switch noise of wide, frequency is loud, defend order and degree is high, contain
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