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Distinctive and hydraulic design: JP
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Distinctive and hydraulic design: JP Pump is muti_function centrifugal pump JP Pumps research and development gave the new series of process pump to ask in order to accord with newest API610. According to company introduction, this pump added the integration design of engine, substrate, accessory and good hydraulic performance.

This series includes Combipro centrifugal pump, it very agree with the liquid of refinery is deferent and chemical demand, its unique design can make it is executed below major craft condition trouble-free operation. This series provided a kind of model, 35bar can be as high as in systematic pressure, the capacity is as high as 350m3/hour, when height is 160 meters, undertake operational, its run temperature range is - 30°C arrives 350°C.

JPPumps, it is the one part of SPX Process Equipment Operation, the series of centrifugal pump of high end of Combipro single platform of its research and development has made the one part of Johnson Pump CombiSystem. All pump have this series collective hydraulic design, having between spare parts and second component part can replace a gender. Its sealed space design is set those who be used at all types is sealed, especially API682 box type is sealed. This pump is in to contain consolidate by installation chassis and hold an arm in the palm on the steel qualitative motherboard that has soldered, accord with API610.

Introduce according to this company, this kind of reliable and strong structure prolonged the service life of bearing and gaskets, fall in time to also can undertake is at ease operating in the condition of extremely severe exacting. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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