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Nuo coronal installs more convenient new flange valve
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The information of trade of new flange a powerful person with Nuo coronal more convenient installation is in nearly 10 years, flange join installs the join means that the domain is a kind of high quality all the time in the project. This kind of join is reliable, standard and solid and reliable. Nuo coronal a powerful person kind the product is familial added a powerful person of series of Bao Shuo flange newly recently. This kind of design combined a powerful person or family kind product technology and flange craft, make the standard that this a powerful person can accord with flange. This kind of new design saved the weight of 3.5 kilogram for the product, through the imitate of the computer the design makes this a powerful person is able to optimize, more firm. The advantage that the development of flange a powerful person brought the price decreases with what install time. The most crucial factor in the development of flange a powerful person is safe. The function of all flange a powerful person and parameter must be passed through computer simulation, in order to ensure this a powerful person can reach PED level in all sorts of medium. Series of this new valve includes various piston a powerful person and diaphragm valve, have forerunner and promotion way of two kinds of works is optional. The body of a powerful person of flange a powerful person uses stainless steel material to pledge, and also can use the cast steel of high quality cast. A diameter of a powerful person for 15 to 50 millimeter, what actuating device uses is the electromagnetism coil of series of Click-on of Nuo Guan Baoshuo, need not need a tool to undertake installing directly. All sorts of extraordinary tension that this varied electromagnetism coil can suit standard voltage and basis to need. Equipment passes EEX and UL attestation.
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