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Concrete of 31 heavy industry pulls pump ginseng to build the first chunnel of d
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Concrete of 31 heavy industry pulls pump ginseng to establish reporter of information of trade of of the first chunnel of domestic yesterday from 31 heavy industry (600031) learns, be in China the chunnel —— Xiamen with the largest section on bound of preexistence of the first chunnel, eye circle in the air in installing chunnel construction, 31 concrete pull pump to make gave priority to dozen of equipment to participate in this one major project. Xiamen circle in the air install channel most in about 70 meters are located in below sea level, overburden of the channel in seawater is the most shallow have 15 meters only, it is the chunnel with world the at present most shallow top cover. The A3 mark of 31 services pulling pump paragraph in, left line channel grows 2.885 kilometers, service channel grows 2.89 kilometers, project geology condition is most complex in world congener chunnel. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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