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Distant river gets big pump of home of the fill that collect a courtyard to make
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Distant river gets big pump of home of the fill that collect a courtyard to produce information of technical blank trade to April the middle ten days of a month, already total investment runs the item of more than 30 science and technology that fair driller of distant river oil field picks craft academy to be begun this year, partial project enters field test phase.
According to introducing, this courtyard develops the work around oil field exploration closely, begin scientific research to tackle key problem continuously with field test, already was in in engineering technology of form a complete set of drive of deep-seated stiff oily vapour, vapour assists gravitational discharge oil (SAGD) engineering technology of exploitation engineering technology, horizontal well form a complete set auger collect a technology to tackle key problem on, obtained major breakthrough. This courtyard produces the special operating mode that high temperature, tall fluid measures according to SAGD, development was developed those who have independent intellectual property is common model with big pump of big rake series, fill the technology that domestic big pump makes is blank. Trends of pressure of temperature of much point of SAGD production well monitors development success of the technology, to analyse ability of layer feed flow in time, adjust SAGD to note steam well dot, made reasonable production system provide strong basis. Well of SAGD temperature observation uses hollow rod first the technology is buried beforehand outside the canal, will fiber-optic measure lukewarm technology to introduce field of observation well temperature to be monitored continuously, for accurate analysis the condition of vapour antrum provided technical measure. This technology already achieved international at present advanced level.
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