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Construction of Chinese water and electricity signs the Russia austral Laos proj
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Construction of Chinese water and electricity signs the Russia austral Laos project of BOT of 5 hydroelectric station is concessionary news of management agreement international on April 10, 2007, be worth Laos New Year's Eve, comfortable the investment project that meets with China water and electricity builds Li Yueping of group company vise general manager to be colonel makes an on-the-spot investigation during evaluating a group to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation in the project of Laos to international company, south presently 5 generate electricity limited company and Laos government were signed formally in Laos capital every phenomenon south presently concessionary management agreement mixes project of BOT of 5 hydroelectric station the agreement that buy electricity. The sectional leader such as bureau of ministry of mineral products of the government office of premier of republic of democracy of the member that have a Laotian that attend and witnesses signing ceremony, plan and investment committee, energy, electric power and national power company and China are stationed in Laos embassy to be in counsellor, water and electricity to build a group to evaluate via joining Xiao. Shen Decai of head of department of overseas investment of company of Li Yueping of vise general manager of group of construction of water and electricity, international, Laos plans and general manager of company of director of bureau of investment committee vice-chairman, electric power, power parts to be on behalf of both sides on the agreement sign, mix by the plan Russia of investment committee Xiang Na 5 generate electricity limited company issued investment license. Project of 5 hydroelectric station is located in Russia south the Lang Bo of Laos north pulls state province and sweet Kuang province, grind pressure concrete dam dam is 104.5 meters expensive, hole of Sui is defeated by water is close 9 kilometers, pressure steel tube 2.8 kilometers, myriad of installed capacity 2×6 is made of baked clay, always invest nearly 200 million dollar. International company and master piece of Laos state report are the partner of project company, part hold 85 % and the share of 15 % . The financing that 12 months after concessionary agreement signs are a project period, concessionary manage period rise 25 years to run day from commerce, in concessionary manage period inside, the access that project corporation enjoys natural resources of land, water freely to wait. All n of the project will sell EDL, according to or the principle that pay or takes year carry out is basic n is 500 million degrees, the first commerce moves year electrovalency is every minutes 4.59 / degree, year electrovalency rises in price extent is 1% . Of project agreement sign, the mark is worn stage of financing of project make one's bow, it is afterwards Kampuchea project of investment of hydroelectric station of another BOT after Gan Zai project enters executive phase, also be the “ international that fulfils collective company actively to put forward of ” of preferential development strategy specific reflect. Project agreement signs eve, just meet Laos pleasant cheats a tower to overcome trial production of cement plant success to give concrete of the first packet of finished product, of two projects begin a mark smoothly to wear group of construction of water and electricity is managed in the diversity of Laos obtain level sex positive result.
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