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Solar energy of straight Peng type heats up pump air conditioning and introducti
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Solar energy of straight Peng type heats up forward position of pump air conditioning and science and technology of introduction of project of warm water system solar energy of type of a kind of straight Peng heats up pump air conditioning and warm water system, solar energy of type of will straight Peng heats up cold air conditioning of pump and glacial harbour organic union rises, basically heat up by solar energy collect / evaporator, compressor, condenser, electron expands the composition such as device of extreme of cistern of 4 a powerful person, reversal valve, accumulation of heat, hot cistern, air conditioning and systematic control unit. Solar energy market is hot / evaporator is used without sun's rays of spray of cover board, bottom heat preservation, surface the flat of chart absorbency material thermal collector, the summer holds the condenser of hot pump concurrently as nightly radiate radiator. Harbour can device is used shut type bear control water tank of accumulation of heat, inside buy is efficient heat exchange equipment, winter accumulation of heat, summertime harbour is put on the ice. Apply foreground: Is  of small official  static south Jing ⒚ Jian collect of board  ⑾ investigate does Di of discuss of Φ of ┯ of  of encouraging person of  of Cheng of  of small cup Ku stop does Xing of smile of  of Dan of anxiety of δ Yi show off inspect  of Fu of uncut jade of ⑸ of deceive of courtyard of narrow one's eyes calamity of  of Ч of benzyl of flatter of ⒔ of sleep arrow to fold?
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