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Electric machinery of Chinese explosion proof / motor industry
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Electric machinery of Chinese explosion proof / motor industry takes aim to the international market   ChinaExplosion proof electric machinery/ motor industryDrive in what high speed of national energy industry develops, obtained expand opportunity rarely in last few years, obtained good management outstanding achievement. 2005, industry of explosion proof electric machinery attachs most importance to a dot with promoting quality of technology of explosion proof electric machinery the standard, order of market of further normative industry, develop an international market hard, hurried undertakes can persistent of course of study developing, it is a foundation with quality, in “ 2 words of dovish ” fluctuate kongfu.

In the light of at present electric machinery of our country explosion proof (electromotor) the industry produces can superfluous, quality to remain promotion, market remains normative new condition and new job, put forward to work this year train of thought:

While branch of explosion proof electric machinery cooperates a government to produce system of licensing in electric machinery of executive explosion proof about the branch, strengthen industry product quality to supervise the work. The link of safety of quality of explosion proof product is mattered to in producing a condition to the enterprise, launch quality investigation, carry out industry government to quality of fittings of explosion proof electric machinery, ensure from fountainhead product quality.

Carry price of motor industry standard edit the work is further order of normative industry market, prevent a few enterprise to be cost with sacrificial quality, instigate price war, order of disturbed industry market, harm the interest of broad user.

Produce the real case that can superfluous, home market tries for be more than in the light of industry of electric machinery of explosion proof of current our country, branch of explosion proof electric machinery will be this year on the foundation that gathers market information extensively, organize a batch of conditional enterprises to develop an international market actively, center of electric product qualitative check strengthens explosion proof of country of as electric as Nanyang explosion proof institute collaboration, for the enterprise quick win certificate of approval of product of foreign explosion proof conveniently, offer ” of “ green passageway to serve integratedly. Information source: Electric machinery net releases a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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