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Energy-saving and efficient " fountainhead heats up pump " abstruse project incr
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Abstruse project increases damage of ” of hot pump of fountainhead of energy-saving and efficient “ summer of green trade information transfers the quantity of heat in the building refrigeration of the implementation in groundwater, get energy from inside fountainhead in the winter, promotion temperature evacuation arrives in the building heating ” . A few days ago, the system of ” of “ fountainhead hot pump with more expensive content of a science and technology is applied in sports of disabled of China of —— of national major project in the place construction of integrated Education Foundation, not only can realize hot water of heat addition, frigorific, life 3 offer repeatedly, and environmental protection is energy-saving, do not produce any pollution, make the concept of green Olympic Games is reflected again in incomplete in the design construction of project of abstruse meeting form a complete set.

It is reported, fountainhead hot pump is a group of systems that extract energy implementation to make heat and refrigeration with water for medium. In project of incomplete example base, system of fountainhead hot pump basically collects system, energy to promote system, energy to release a system by energy 3 parts composition, energy collects link to come true by well of 24 when be located in integrated training house and athlete apartment periphery cold heat source, energy promotes link criterion by be located in integrated house 10 compressor groups inside a computer room come 2 computer rooms and building of apartment scientific research implementation, energy releases link to basically rely on coil of systematic endmost fan to wait medicinal powder hot facilities will come true. It is with winter heating exemple, the system of fountainhead hot pump of base uses the water pump inside the well draw-out 12 ℃ collect heat energy to the constant temperature groundwater of 13 ℃ , pass in a steady stream of quantity of heat to the circular water inside the system ceaselessly through heat exchanger, pressurization of repass evaporator vaporization, compressor realizes energy to promote, enter condenser have the aid of to heat up exchange to release quantity of heat to endmost loop water next, carry what reach each place to building of apartment scientific research to come loose hot equipment realizes heating, still undertake to tap water athletes provide life hot water heating is at the same time. The process is here medium, fountainhead heats up pump system to waste the energy of 1kW, the user can receive the quantity of heat of 4kW above or cold amount. Because use surface water to serve as cold heat source, the environmental protection benefit of technology of fountainhead hot pump is most distinct, of aircrew move without any pollution, do not produce waste residue, liquid waste, waste gas and soot. At the same time it still has energy-saving and efficient characteristic, compare with electric heating photograph, the electric power that it is equivalent to reducing 70% above is used up.
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