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How to choose vitreous rotameter correctly
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? ? ? Vitreous rotameter is one kind uses simple, reading the instantaneous discharge with convenient, very extensive use measures meter. In instrument of environmental protection equipment the dosage in this category amounts to more than 30000 / year. Accordingly, anthology it is good, good to use this kind of appearance, very important.

? ? ? One, the breed that glass turns at flowmeter and choose

? ? ? Vitreous rotameter can divide according to its utility and accommodation for: Common model, canal of the dimension that take veins that stand out under the skin, little flow and small appearance, be able to bear or endure corrupt, lab, heat preservation, call the police model and be able to bear or endure 8 high pressure series. According to the appearance series of national formulate chart, no matter which series, include to arrive from 1 millimeter at most 100 millimeter in all 12 caliber number, measureable discharge limits is: Liquid (water) 0.1 milliliter / 40 stere of cent ~ when / , gas (air) 1000 stere of ~ of cent of 1 milliliter / when / . With the vitreous rotameter at form a complete set of environmental protection instrument general requirements does not exceed 10 millimeter, metrical flow belongs to little flow limits.

? ? ? Of vitreous rotameter choose can consider from the following respects.

? ? ? 1. ? Metrical object. Gauge size of medium sort, pressure, chemistry namely. Be like liquid medium, gas medium, caustic to providing medium should choose to be able to bear or endure corrupt flowmeter.

? ? ? 2. ? Flowmeter itself function. Tell commonly after afore-mentioned conditions are affirmatory, if the price does not have big change, but preferential choose upside of needle park flowmeter; Have larger current hole, be immediate flow scale; The structure is simple; External dimension is waited a moment lesserly. So little flow limits, can choose ball bobber form, the stability when be being measured because of it, not easy dirt retention, precision taller, interchangeability is good.

? ? ? 3. ? Choose according to the price. Tell commonly, the price with high precision is high. Want to choose appearance accuracy class according to measuring a purpose, if simply control measures medium to carry an amount, move via trying adjust, need to stabilize this to carry an amount from beginning to end later, so precision is secondary.

? ? ? 2, vitreous rotor shooting star plan scale is amended

? ? ? The scale of vitreous rotameter, the manufacturer falls to make medium demarcate get with the water that is bordering on ideal fluid and dry air in this factory condition. But the use spot in flowmeter, two kinds of case cannot use its scale value directly: It is measuring medium is not water and air, 2 it is to measure and although medium is water and air, but its condition (temperature. Pressure) have with scale condition not. Such, when use flowmeter, measure an outcome correctly to obtain, appeared to need a scale value to have amendatory problem. Consequently, solve scale of good glass rotameter to amend, it is the key that has used this kind of instrument.
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