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The characteristic of diesel engine fire pump and the preparation that start
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? As consciousness of people fire control rise to be perfected normatively with fire control, diesel engine fire pump more and more get the client's favour. Control the automation function with perfect ark because of its form a complete set again, make the start and ran a process to cast off a tradition completely mode of operation of diesel engine, came true to be started long-range control, automatically, ultralow pressure opens pump to reach its to call the police automatically wait for a function. As a result of electric water pump move cannot leave phone, and the trouble spot of fire often is forced dump or because fire makes power source proper motion is shut, although deserve to have unit of switch of double power source, it is normal to also can not ensure the electrified wire netting when fire alarm comes is certain. Accordingly, the diesel engine fire pump that start and moves to be broken away from completely with electrified wire netting is become reserve the first selection equipment of fire control establishment!

1, the characteristic of diesel engine fire pump

Of diesel engine fire pump and electric water pump the biggest different point is the power supply system that it has itself to become independent -- accumulator, accordingly, of diesel engine fire pump start and move but complete as renunciative as town report. Diesel engine fire pump serves as normally reserve establishment, accordingly, when only fire control signal comes, and when breakdown of electric water pump or the ability below the circumstance that power source cuts off the power is started automatically. When its have ultralow pressure to open the plant of pump, with its the electric water pump of form a complete set controls ark, due also the plant that ultralow pressure opens pump, and the floor level opening pump of both is due and certain press difference. Of course, I am OK still the requirement according to the client, the design goes out to suit the control system of client demand more.

2, the starting preparation of diesel engine fire pump

The first, should check those who control the volmeter on ark to show first whether be 24V, if under 24V, answer to prove a cause in time, remove trouble.

The 2nd, check diesel engine the part is normal, whether does each accessory join reliably, eliminate unusual appearance side by side.

The 3rd, inside the carapace end examination oil, mix inside fuel injection pump whether does the engine oil inside governor obtain position of formulary fat face, if discover engine oil is insufficient, should add the engine oil that is the same as model.

The 4th, whether is there enough water inside examination cistern, if use, is system of refrigeration of loop opening type, should put through fountainhead.

The 5th, with the hand pump on fuel fuel feed pump, to fuel systematic pressing notes fuel, at the same time the deflate bolt on pump of unscrew fuel injection, air in eliminating fuel system, when here no longer gas eliminates, come back close bolt, continue next till pump oil answers vitta to have an oil, come back hand pump finally close.
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