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About the specification of derv fire pump
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About the specification of diesel engine fire pump

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As a result of our country in recent years the development of economic advance rapidly, the addition of civil building and public facilities is like industry emerge, to make sure the life property of country and people is safe, the country also increased the strength of fire control safety. As the development of fire control industry, system forward intelligence is changed, the way that Gao Ke leans develops, constituent structure is more reasonable, by customary double power source, advocate equipment report pump, the structure that electric pump and diesel engine pump set graduate. Because group of our country diesel engine pump is made,be in start level, apparent later at abroad a few advanced countries, talent of domestic this share shorts relatively, so that use an unit to lack staff of professional project technology to installation from manufacturer home, cause apparent bottleneck to this one industry.

At present the mainstream product of diesel engine fire pump is between 10 ~ 1000KW, the security personnel water supply of the system that the refrigeration that basically is used at power plant of fire control water supply, steelworks rinses and the water supply that supply a circumstance without town report.

Diesel engine fire pump can divide by timing pattern it is 3 kinds:

1, mechanical timing;

2, electronic timing;

3, electronic eject.

Can divide by cooling means it is two kinds:

1, fan cistern structure;

2, heat exchanger structure.

The type performance that deserves to have eject of electronic timing, electron and heat exchanger generally speaking and reliability are some higher.
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